Royal Flush Reward

proudly made in India

royal-flush-spade royal-flush-heart royal-flush-club royal-flush-diamond
A player will be given a Cash Prize Reward on hitting a ROYAL FLUSH at according to the following rules


  1. You must be playing at a cash table.
  2. You must be active in the hand (you have not folded your cards) when you hit the Royal Flush
  3. Hands at Tournaments of all kinds are excluded from this Reward programme

    The reward will be equal to the max Buy-In at the cash table up to a maximum of Rs 10000.

    The winning amount will be credited to your game account on the site within 24 hours of reporting the hand to us.

    You can withdraw the amount fully to your bank if you wish, subject to any applicable TDS or use it to play at any table.

  4. Both your pocket cards must be included to make the Royal Flush
  5. Royal Flush bonus is applicable for Texas Holdem game only