Disconnection Policy

10 April 2018 | Author name

This Disconnection Policy (“Disconnection Policy”) is applicable to the poker websites and software applications (together, the “WebSite”) operated by Capricorn Networks Pvt. Ltd. (the “Company”) and sets out the disconnection protection terms implemented by the Company in the event any User’s connection to the WebSite is lost/disrupted while such User is involved in any Game offered on the WebSite.

Service Disruptions

Over course of accessing the WebSite or the Services, you may face service disruptions due to no fault of the Company, including, but not limited to disconnection or communication interferences due to issues in the internet infrastructure used for providing or accessing the Services or due to issues with the hardware and software used by you. You understand that the Company has no control over these factors. The Company shall not be responsible/liable to you for any interruption in the Services due to such reasons that are not attributable to the Company and you agree to take sole responsibility for any risk of loss due to any interruptions to your access to the Platform or the Services for any such reason.

You may also face service disruptions due to technical faults or glitches attributable to the Company. In such circumstance You understand, acknowledge and agree that if you are unable to play/participate in any Real Money Game due to any service disruption caused due to  technical faults or glitches that are solely attributable to the Company, your remedy is limited either to:

  • A refund of the amount of entry fee which you would have actually paid for participation in that Real Money Game; or
  • A refund of amounts lost in that Real Money Game provided such loss is directly attributable to the error/omission of the Company. 
You agree that under no circumstances shall the Company be liable to you for any amount over and above the amounts specified above in this Clause 1 B., for any errors/omissions on the part of the Company. 



Tournament Game Disconnection Protection

During tournaments, your hands will be folded if your connection to the Platform is lost and the applicable blinds will be automatically paid on the table until your connection to the WebSite is restored. Refunds for poker tournaments on the WebSite will only be issued if a problem with the tournament is identified by the Company and found to have been a result of a technical fault or error attributable to the Company.

If for any reason there is a technical problem with the WebSite and any tournament cannot be continues, the WebSite reserves the right to terminate the tournament. In such an event the tournament will be deemed to be cancelled and the cancellation policy outlined in section 4 below will be applicable.

Single Table Tournaments

If a tournament is cancelled because of technical reasons on the Platform, the Users who were eliminated prior to cancellation will lose their buy-in and entry fee. Any remaining Users still participating in the Tournament will have their buy-in and entry fee refunded and will receive an equal share of the buy-in amounts of the eliminated Users. The eliminated Users' buy-ins are equally divided regardless of chip standing at the time of cancellation.

Multi-table tournaments

There can be situations when a tournament is cancelled due to technical reasons or due to system administrator interference. For such cases, the following cancellation policy which establishes several general rules is adopted:

a) Tournament is cancelled before start: In the event a tournament is cancelled for any reason prior to the start of such tournament (for
example, the tournament was not filled with the required minimum number of Users), Users who have already paid their buy-in and entry fee will be refunded with such amounts.

b) Tournament is cancelled, but no Users are in the money: If a tournament is cancelled before the Users are in the money, each remaining User gets back his/her tournament fee, and the prize pool, formed from buy-ins, is divided based on the following formula:
i.  50% is distributed evenly among all remaining Users; and
ii. 50% is distributed proportionally according to the chip count of remaining Users.

c) Tournament is cancelled, and Users are in the money: If a tournament is cancelled, and some Users are already in the money, each remaining User gets back his/her tournament fee, and the prize pool, formed from buy-ins, is divided based on the following formula:

i.  Each User receives the minimum prize not yet awarded at the time of cancellation;

ii. The remainder of the prize pool is distributed proportionally according to the chip count of remaining Users.
Further, when certain specific tournaments are cancelled prior to such tournament’s completion, the following specific rules shall apply:

d) Tournament with guaranteed prize is cancelled: If a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool is cancelled, Users will be paid in accordance with Clauses B (b) and B (c), from the total amount of buy-in monies received and not on the size of the guaranteed prize. For e.g., in the event a tournament with a guaranteed prize of 100 INR receives a total buy in of 70 INR and such tournament is cancelled after it commences, the aggregate buy in amount 70 INR will be distributed between Users still participating in the tournament at the time of cancellation. 

e) If a  ‘freeroll’ tournament is cancelled: As no entry fee or buy in is charged for participation in such tournaments, no refunds or compensation will be paid to users, regardless of their progress in the tournament or the stage of a tournament at the time of cancellation, in the event such tournaments are cancelled.

f) If a ‘knock-out’ tournament is cancelled: In this case, the rules used for ordinary (regular) tournament cancellation shall be applicable, except that the knockout bounties that were charged from the Users' balances at registration are distributed among the remaining Users.