Spring Carnival - Main LeaderBoard

@ 52RedPoker

Duration: 18th Feb 12:00 AM to 2nd Mar 11:59:59 PM

LEVEL1 1200 Hyundai Aura S Petrol Only 1 
LEVEL2 900 Renault Kwid RXE 0.8(Petrol) Only 1 
LEVEL3 750 Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500X Only 1 
LEVEL4 550 Yamaha YZF-R15 V3 BS6 Only 1 
LEVEL5 450 Bajaj Pulsar NS200 BS6 Only 1 
LEVEL6 350 Apple MacBook Air Unlimited
LEVEL7 250 Apple iPhone 11 (128GB) Unlimited
LEVEL8 200 OnePlus 7T Pro (8GB RAM, 256GB Storage) Unlimited
LEVEL9 150 Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44mm) Unlimited
LEVEL10 125 OnePlus 7T (Frosted Silver, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage) Unlimited
LEVEL11 100 GoPro Hero 7 Black with Shorty, SD Card and Rechargeable Battery Unlimited
LEVEL12 75 Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm)  Unlimited
LEVEL13 50 All-new Echo Plus Second Gen Unlimited
LEVEL14 25 Motorola MOTO E6 S SmartPhone Unlimited

***Note: Ex-showroom price of vehicle does not include statutory charges such as local or state tax, insurance carriages, freight, cost of accessories etc

Live Main Leaderboard

Terms & Conditions
  1. Every player will be awarded Leaderboard Points based on the number of VIP points a player generates. One leaderboard Point is equivalent to 50 VIP points.
  2. All qualifying players can claim the Leaderboard Prizes as listed in the rewards program by scoring the required LEADERBOARD POINTS
  3. Qualifying players with required Leadeboard points can claim the prizes multiple times where indicated in the prize charts
  4. The TOP 5 prizes are awarded only to the top 5 qualifying players in order of their LeaderBoard Points as per ciriteria listed in the Prizes table. See illustrations below
  5. Players scoring less than 450 LB Points can claim multiple prizes. Example a player with 400 LB Points can claim any combination of prizes totalling 400 Leaderboard Points like Apple MacBook Air + Echo Plus
  6. Players must pay applicable Govt. taxes and charges as applicable
  7. For Vehicles, players will bear registration, insurance charges and other taxes as applicable
  8. For vehicle delivery, player must make arrangements to take delivery from the nearest dealer of the vehicle
  9. If the listed item is not available in the market, an alternative of equal value will be offered to the player
  10. VIP Points conversion will not be permitted during the promotion
  11. VIP Points of all qualifying players will be flushed once the promtion has ended
  12. All prizes will be delivered to the players  21 days from the end date of the promotion
  13. If a player wishes to accept cash in lieu of prizes, the player will be paid 80% of the value of the listed prize in cash. For vehicles this shall be the ex-showrom price of the vehicle at Pune.
  14. Players found colluding, multi-accounting or participating in unethical practices will be disqualified from the promotion
  15. Players will be required to provide Id, photos, pictures, interviews etc for promotions to 52RedPoker.com
  16. In case of any dispute the decision of 52RedPoker.com will be final
PLAYER LB Points Scored Prizes LEVEL
PLAYER1 1400 1st Prize LEVEL1
PLAYER2 1300 2nd Prize LEVEL2
PLAYER3 1100 3rd Prize LEVEL3
PLAYER4 1000 4th Prize LEVEL4
PLAYER5 950 5th prize LEVEL5
PLAYER6 820 Must choose from the prizes from the other items listed from LEVEL 6 to Level 14  
PLAYER7 800 Must choose from the prizes from the other items listed from LEVEL 6 to Level 14  

Player has scored 350 LEADERBOARD POINTS
Player can claim a combination of any prizes from the Levels 6 - Level 14 totalling 350 Leaderboard Points

One Plus 7T Pro 01 Nos 200 LB
Apple Watch Series 5  01 Nos 150 LB
Total 02 Items 350 LB